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Workout of the day – Friday May 13th

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Warm up

3 rounds:

10/side single arm KB swings

5/side single KB thrusters

5/side windmills

Time cap: 7 min

Strength & Gymnastics

Every 3 min for 6 rounds:

3 tempo deadlifts 3131

1 Turkish getup per arm (heavy)

Note: Start the deadlift higher than last week and build so long as you can maintain the tempo of 3 sec up and 3 sec down.


For time:


Overhead squats 135/95 lbs (from the ground)

Bar muscle ups

200m run after each round, including the last.

Goal: 12min

Time cap: 15min


Part A

4 rounds for max reps, 1 min per station (“fight gone bad style”):

max American KBS 24/16 kg

max single KB suitcase deadlifts, right side 24/16 kg

max plank hold

max single KB suitcase deadlifts, left side 24/16 kg

Part B

For time:


Single arm DB overhead rear lunge steps 50/35 lbs

Chest-to-bar pullups or ring rows

250m row after each round, including the last

Time cap: 15min