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Workout of the day – Friday September 16th

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Warm up

Run 400m

then 2 rounds of:

5 Airplanes per side

20 alternating single leg bridges

10 plate front raises

Banded deadlift and Snatch high pulls

A – Banded deadlift

5×4 at 70%

B – Snatch high pulls

3×4 at 100%

Time cap: 20 min

Gymnastics conditioning

For time:


Deadlifts 225/155 lbs

Burpees over the bar


Time cap: 13 min


Part A

16 min alternating EMOM:

16 alternating DB renegade rows

30 sec ring/box/parallette L-sit

8-10 elevated feet / weighted ring rows

16 weighted glute bridges

** scale the L-sit with knee bent or 20 leg pikes over object

Part B

For time:

Buy-in: 100 double unders,

then, 30-20-10:

Single KB suitcase deadlifts 32/24kg



Buy-out: 100 double unders

Time cap: 16 min

Scaling: sub with 200 single unders, or 2 min of double under attempts.

Switch side anytime on the KB suitcase deadlifts