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Workout of the day – Monday August 9th

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** New 6-week cycle starting today **

Expect to see: Monday: Pulling strengthTuesday: SnatchWednesday: Back squatThursday: Gymnastics skills with a focus on rings and ring muscle up progressionsFriday: Shoulder pressing Saturday: the good old partner WODSunday: Clean

Warm up

20 Thick Banded Good Mornings, then

6 mins AMRAP:

5 L/5 R Single Arm Russian Kettlebell Swings

5 pullups or ring rows

5 burpees

5 situps



A. Bent over barbell row:

4×8, increasing

B. Max effort banded PVC straight arms pull downs (green band)

rest around 90 sec before starting another superset

GPP Intervals

4x AMRAP 4 mins

20 alternating jumping lunges

8 double dumbbell push press, 50/35 lbs

8 double dumbbell box step overs (DBs 50/35 lbs / boxes 24″/20″)

Rest 90s between AMRAP, and for each cycle restart the AMRAP


Part A

Every 4 minutes, for 5 rounds, each for time:

400m run

10 chest to bar pullups

12 single dumbbell alternating box step ups

Part B

3 rounds for time

20 wall balls 20/14 lbs

20 dumbbell floor presses 50/35 lbs

20 squat thrusts