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Workout of the day – Monday February 6th

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Warm up

3 rounds

5/side 90-90 transitions

5/side banded lateral monster steps

20 sec handstand hold or 40 alternating plank shoulder taps

Front Squat + Jerk

For load, from the rack:

1 front squats + 5 jerks

1 front squats + 4 jerks

1 front squats + 3 jerks

1 front squats + 2 jerks

1 front squats + 1 jerk

With the past few weeks of work, you should be able to start the first set at around 80% of your C&J.

Split jerk or push jerks

Open style WOD

For time:

1-2-3-…-8-9-10 reps of:

Power snatches 75/55 lbs

Handstand pushups

Box jumps over 24/20 in

Time cap: 15 min

Goal: <12min

Snatches should be unbroken every round, including the last rounds. Level up your mental game on this one, you are going to want to put the barbell down even though you can physically continue.


Part A

4 rounds for quality and load:

8 half kneeling single arm KB bottom up presses per side

8/leg double KB front rack Bulgarian split squats

16 alternating DB plank pull throughs

8 single DB overhead walking lunge steps per arm (8 steps right arm, 8 steps left arm)

Part B

For time:

1-2-3-…-8-9-10 reps of:

Alternating dumbbell power snatches 50/35 lbs

Handstand pushups or hand release pushups

Box jumps over 24/20 in

Time cap: 15 min

Goal: <12min

Note: reps on the DB snatches are total, NOT per arm. Athletes must switch arms on every rep.