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Workout of the day – Sunday March 12th

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Warm up

2 rounds:

5 floor slides

5 pronated snow angels (on your stomach)

30 sec handstand hold / wall walk hold

10 groiners

Bench press

Part A – Bench press


Part B – DB bench presses

3 x max reps at your weight from last week

rest 2 min between sets

Interval conditioning

5 rounds of 2 min AMReps:

2 rounds of:

6 hang power cleans 155/105 lbs

6 strict handstand push ups

then, in the remaining time of the interval: AMRAP double unders

— rest 1 min between AMRAPs

Score is total number double unders or lateral bar hops.

Scaling: The weight on the bar should allow all sets to be done UB. Scale to pike pushups with or without knees/feet on box. Replace the double unders with lateral hops over the barbell


Part A

4 rounds (16 min) of 40 sec on, 20 sec rest, for max reps, rotationg through the stations:

DB floor presses

DB renegade rows

Alternating DB snatches

Row for calories

Note: recommended weight = 50/35 lbs DBs

Part B

17 min AMRAP:

45 ab-mat situps

45 plate overhead lunges 45/25 lbs

45 DB burpees deadlifts 50/35 lbs

45 DB push presses 50/35 lbs