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Workout of the day – Sunday September 18th

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Warm up
3 rounds:
5 PVC Cuban presses
5/side single KB overhead lunges
5 squat thrusts
15 sec handstand hold

Every 2:30 min for 6 rounds:
2 reps of the following complex:
1 snatch + 1 overhead squat + 1 hang snatch +1 overhead squat

Note: start around 65% of your snatch 1RM. You can reset between complexes, but the goal is to complete heach complex unbroken. This is the complex we will be re-testing in week 10.

Aerobic capacity
21 min alternating EMOM:
10/8 cal row + max rep single arm devil presses in the remaining time
10 alternating DB snatches 50/35 lbs + max burpees box jumps over 24/20 in in the remaining time

EVF GAMES 2022 Finals

WOD 1 – “Bro sandwich”
10 min AMReps:
Buy-in: 40/32 cal row, then 5 rounds of:
10 toes-to-bars synchro
10 synchro burpees to rig
then, in the remaining time, max cal row

one rower per partnership.
Score = reps, including buy-in and rounds.
Scaled: hanging knee raises

WOD 2 – “Chesty chest”
8 min AMRAP, one partner at each station at any point in time, switch anyhow:
Bench press 135/95 lbs
Assault bike cal

Scaled: Barbell 95/65 lbs
Score = Accumulated reps across bike and bench press

WOD 3 – “Don’t sandbag it”
1 attempt per partner of max distance sandbag carry 130/80 lbs, 40 ft.
Score = total number of lengths complete between the partners.

WOD 4 – “On the reserve”
12 min for max weight:
Buy-in: 50 ft. double DB front rack walking lunges 50/35 lbs
then, in the remaining time, find a max weight of the following complex:
3 cleans (any style)
2 front squats
1 shoulder to overhead

Scaled: Dumbbells 35/25 lbs

Score = total of the max successful complex weight from each partner. Ladies weight will be adjusted up by 50% for scoring (i.e. 100 lbs => 150 lbs). The lift must be unbroken.