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Workout of the day – Thursday May 11th 2023

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Warm up

3 rounds

5 Russian Baby Makers

10 Hawaiian or cossack squats

5 hang squat clean and jerks (empty BB)

10 A-frame toe touches

Clean + Split Jerk

Every 90 sec for 10 rounds:

1 clean + split jerk

70%, 75%, 80%x6, 70%, 65%


3 rounds of 3 min AMReps, 3 min rest between rounds:

30 box jumps over 24/20 in

20 toes to bars

Max hang power cleans in the remaining time **

Round 1: 115/80 lbs

Round 2: 135/95 lbs

Round 3: 155/105 lbs

Scaling: The box jump over should take 90 sec or less. Adjust down the volume so that you do not spend more than this. The Toes to bars should be done in 2 sets or less. Adjust the volume accordingly too. In the first round, you should have about 40 sec for the hang power cleans. Your first round should be at a load that allows for 12-15 reps done in 2 sets max. Your goal in the second and third round should be ~8-10 and 5-7 respectively.


Part A

16 min AMRAP ladder:


Double DB power cleans 40/25 lbs

Double DB box steps over 24/20 in, 40/25 lbs

Toes to bar / hanging knee raises

Note: the load should allow you to do up to 12-15 reps unbroken on both the power cleans and step overs. Aim to be in the round of 16 or beyond. Break the toest to bars into manageable sets of 4-8 depending on your ability so you can keep moving.

Part B

EMOM until failure:

8 air squats

6 American KBS 24/16 kg

4 Burpee

Time cap: 13 mins