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Workout of the day – Tuesday March 14th

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Warm up & Gymnastics skills

5 min amrap:

10 ring rows

5 cal ski

10 scap pushups

5 cal row

Then, EMOM, for 5 min of:

6-8 pullups from the scaling option of choice – MUST include kip or butterfly

Options in order of difficulty:

Kipping swings (no pull) – practice the ‘hollow-superman’

Kipping pullups as performed in the sequence of 3 kips + 1 kipping pullup repeated several times

Kipping pullups

Kipping chest to bars

Butterfly motion practice with on leg on box

Butterfly pullups

Butterfly chest-to-bars

Kipping pullups may be performed with a light band so long as you are able to perform proper kipping


4 supersets:

A1. Bent over barbell row:

4×8, increasing

A2. Max effort banded PVC straight arms pull downs (green band)

rest around 90 sec before starting another superset


For time:

20/16 cal row

20 clean & jerks 165/110 lbs

20/16 cal row

Time cap: 9 min

Note: Scale the weight to 55-60% of you C&J


Part A

Every 4 min for 3 rounds, perform:

12 double DB bent over row AHAP

20 PVC straight arms pull downs (green band)

12 hollow rocks

Max ring rows in 30 seconds

Part B

For time: 40-30-20-10 reps of

Row calories

Alternating single DB hang clean and jerks 50/35 lbs

Pullups/ring rows

Time cap: 22 min