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Workout of the Day – Tuesday March 9th

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Warm up
2 rounds
PVC snatch + hang snatch + high snatch x4
20 mountain climbers
1min plank
20sec pull up bar hang
10 PVC push press
7/7 KB Turkish situps

Pull-ups/Muscle ups
Kipping Tabata
Lv1: Kip swings
Lv2: Kipping pullups
Lv3: C2B or BMU

Strict pull ups
Lv1: 5x 8-12 ring rows
Lv2: 5x 6-8 strict pull-ups
Lv3: 5x 4-8 weighted pull-ups

4 rounds
200m run or 300m row
15 box jump over 24/20
10 GTOH 135/95