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Workout of the day – Tuesday May 17th

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Warm up

6 min AMRAP:

6 alternating single DB devil presses (light)

8 plate ground to overheads

10 band pull aparts


15 min alternating EMOM:

5 slow negative handstand pushups (no need to push up) – 5 sec controlled descent to ground or 1 ab mat max.

20 sec each way of pike box walk

10-15 box dips

Note: for the HSPU negative, if you are not able to kick up against a wall, use a box to set your feet/kneeds on and perform the same movement. Scale up the negative with a 2″ or more deficit, so long as you can maintain the 5 sec descent.

Barbell cycling & conditioning

Every 6 min for 3 rounds:

200m run

10 hang power cleans 135/95 lbs

8 ring dips

10 hang power cleans 135/95 lbs

200m run

— rest the remainder of the 6min interval.

Your score is your slowest round.

Note: hang power cleans should be UB but challenging, adjust weight accordingly. Scale ring dips with box dips or use a small band for assistance on the rings.


Part A

For time:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:

double DB power cleans 50/35 lbs

double DB front squats 50/35 lbs

double DB push presses 50/35 lbs

burpees over the DB

Time cap: 28 min

Part B

Tabata Plate Russian twists

— rest 1 min

Tabata bicycle crunches