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Workout of the day – Wednesday August 11th

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Warm up

3 rounds

5 bupee box jumps

7 plate ground to overhead

9 plate thrusters

Back squat + single leg step down


A. Back squat

4×12, increasing

B. Single leg lateral box step down, 3 sec negative

4×5 per leg

Focus on balance and positioning – this is pistols practice. Alternate the starting leg at every superset (2 starting on the right, 2 starting on the left)

— rest ~90s between supersets


For time:


Power cleans 115/75 lbs

Thrusters 115/75 lbs

Burpees lateral jump over the barbell

Time cap 17 min


Part A

18 min AMRAP

40 Chest-to-bar pullups or banded pullups

40 double dumbbell hang power cleans 50/35 lbs

30 med ball squats

30 wall balls

20 cal ski

20 devil presses 50/35 lbs

Part B

4 min alternating EMOM:

40 flutter kicks

16 alternating bird dogs


4 min alternating EMOM:

45 sec plank hold

20s per side star plank hold


4 min alternating EMOM:

12 supermen

20 hollow rocks