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Workout of the day – Wednesday February 15th

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Warm up

2 rounds of:

5 Russian baby makers

5/side thoracic extensions

10 plate Da-Vinci raises

10 plate ground to overheads


6 rounds rotating through each station with 30 sec work / 30 sec rest (36 min total), for max reps (1 round = 1 time through all the stations):

Assault bike calories (Goal: 12/10 cal each round)

Handstand pushups / pushups (Goal: 12-15 reps each round)

Lateral burpees box jumps overs 24/20 in (7-8 reps each round)

Alternating single leg V-ups (Goal: 16-18 reps each round)

Heavy wall balls 30/20 lbs (Goal: 10-12 reps each round)

Alternating single DB hang power clean and jerks 50/35 lbs (Goal: 12-15 reps each round)

Mobility – Time permitting