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Workout of the day – Wednesday July 21st

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Warm up

2 rounds:

5/leg high box step ups 30/24 in

5/side KB windmills

5 KB goblet squats with press out

5/side scale with both arms overhead

20 secs handstand / wall walk hold


5 minutes of pistols progressions – work through your scalling options to practice pistols today and spend 5 min to accumulate as many as possible:

Scaling options:

Single leg box squats (or on med ball)

Single leg box step up/down

Curtsy squats

Single leg squat with heel on plate

Single leg squat holding plate as counter balance


Advanced: Weighted pistols holding a dumbbell in goblet position


30 min alternating EMOM (5 rounds):

12 handstand push-ups / pike push-ups w/ feet on box

15/12 cal ski

12 alternating pistols or curtsy squats

15 American KBS 32/24 kg

12 box jumps 24/20 in

15 abmat situps / V-ups


Part A

3 rounds for time:

16 alternating DB renegade row 50/35 lbs

20 DB goblet squats

40 alternating jumping lunges

20 plate ground to overhead 45/35 lbs

16 alternating single arm DB push presses (holding the other dumbbell in front rack position

** 200m run after every movement (15 runs total)

Time cap: 36 mins

Part B

5 minutes mobility / muscle tissue care on upper back and thoracic cage