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Workout of the day – Wednesday June 22nd

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Warm up

one time through:

50 ft. per arm single KB bottom-up overhead carry

10/arm single arm KBS

10 alternating DB snatches

50 ft. burpee broad jumps

10 double DB snatches (warm-up weight)


Every 90 sec, for 20 rounds, rotating through:

1) 200m run + max double DB snatches in remaining time 50/35 lbs

2) 100 ft. broad jumps, 8 cal ski

3) 12 double KBS, 12 double KB deadlifts 24/16 kg

4) Max distance row

Note: for stations 2 & 3, rest the remainder of the interval once the reps are completed

Mobility (10 min)

5 min foam rolling on lower body

90 sec quad smash per leg with heavy KB

90 sec per side ankle flossing on KB