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Workout of the day – Wednesday November 23rd

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Warm up

6 min AMRAP:

20 double unders

4 inchworms with pushups

6 alternating single DB cleans (from the ground)


14 min AMRAP:

15/12 cal row

45 double unders

15 alternating DB snatches 50/35 lbs

— rest 4 min

14 min AMRAP:

8 American KBS 32/24 kg

4/arm single KB overhead lunges 32/24 kg

2 sandbag-over-shoulders

Scaling: For the first AMRAP, replace the double unders with 70 single unders. For the second AMRAP, the KBS should be UB every round. Scale the sandbag over shoulders with 8 plate ground to overheads 45/35 lbs

Mobility – Time permitting

8-10 min mobility with lacrosse ball on scapula/thoracic cage/shoulders