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Workout of the day – Wednesday October 19th

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Warm up

Every 90 sec for 4 rounds:

10 cossack squats

10 squat thrusts

10 kipping swings / kipping hanging knee raises


For time:

3 rounds of:

15 toes-to-bars

15 wall balls 20/14 lbs

15 KB snatches 24/16 kg

— rest 1 min

Then: 2,000m/1,600m row

— rest 1 min

Then: 45 toes-to-bars

45 wall balls 20/14 lbs

45 KB snatches 24/16 kg

Time cap: 28 min

Note: Sub the toes to bars with hanging knee raises. If desired, can replace the row with ski or sub with 100/75 cal assault bike.

Scaling: This is a lot of volume, scale down the reps to 10-10-10 for the first part and 30-30-30 for the third part if you or a number that you allows you to do the sets in the first part unbroken for most of it.

Mobility – Time permitting

Coach’s choice