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Workout of the day – Wednesday October 26th

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Warm up

4 min AMRAP:

5 kipping swings

5 yoga pushups

5 per leg assisted single leg squats


For time:

Buy-in: 1,000m run (2 laps around the block)

then, 2 rounds of:

50 burpees

40 pullups

30 pistols

20 American KBS 24/16 kg

10 handstand pushups

then, buy-out: 1,000m run

Time cap: 40min

Scaling: if banded pullups, reduce the volume to 20 pullups each round, otherwise, perform ring rows. Pullups should be efficient, with kipping or butterfly.

Scale the pistols with either curtsy squats or alternating lunges.

Handstand pushups can be scaled to regular pushups or pike pushups.

The run should not take more than 5:30. Shorten the distance if you believe you will not be able to run a km under 5min 30 sec.