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Our Approach

We are founded on the following beliefs:
  • Everyone starts somewhere – action dispels fear
  • Health is a lifelong journey- fitness creates greater opportunity
  • Through training, we learn perseverance, dedication, courage and sacrifice
  • Intensity is necessary for results
  • Fitness programs need to be measurable, observable, and repeatable
EVF is about people and functional movement, not mirrors and machines. Our goal is to help clients look better, feel better and perform better every day. And our mission is simple: the fitter we are, the better we can live. Along the way, you’ll experience encouragement, motivation, and a sense of accountability and pride. Read more >

Our Programs

EVF 360, CrossFit, CrossFit Kids, EVF Strength and more. Our structured group classes have a high coach-to-athlete ratio, ensuring that you get the benefits of professional attention, alongside the support of your peers. Read more >


EVF Upper East Side
1623 York Avenue, NYC 10028

EVF Columbus Circle
555 West 59th Street, NYC 10019

EVF East Hampton
(Seasonal - Summer 2014)

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