Stronger Together

New York City’s Premier
Fitness Facility

EVF Performance CrossFit Upper East Side is all about functional movement, not mirrors and machines. Personal attention from insightful instructors, supportive peers and zero attitude or ego are just the beginning of what you’ll find here.
We believe ...

  • Fitness creates opportunity and freedom.
  • What we learn in life applies to the gym, and vice versa.
  • Action displaces fear.
  • How we handle small things shows how we will handle big things.
  • Training teaches perseverance, dedication, courage, and sacrifice.
  • Inspiration can come from anywhere.
  • Strength comes from effort.
  • Life is easier when we are strong.
  • Strangers are simply friends we haven’t met yet.
  • The greatest strength comes when we lift each other up and overcome our limitations.

Come train with us! Start with a 30-min Private Training session and get a 1-on-1 fitness assessment from one of our experienced Coaches! Email us to get started!

Weakness is a choice.

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EVF Performance CrossFit Upper East Side offers everything you need to get stronger and healthier here in New York City. Our gym is stocked with all the top-of-the-line CrossFit equipment you know and love (and sometimes love to hate), so you never waste your precious workout time waiting for a machine or bar. Ample space so you stay safe and never lose your mojo by tripping over a weight, rack or  sweaty neighbor. Here you will find a community of fitness friends who will support to reach your personal goals inside and outside the gym.

  • Best box in the city. Period. Most gyms let you lift. EVF lifts you. I've been with EVF since they opened and they are terrific. Having EVF and the community in my life has been a godsend. I feel better, my fitness has improved and I feel I have a fantastic community to share it all with.

    Noah G.

  • All of the coaches here are great and really make you feel like you are part of a family. At the beginning of every class, you do an icebreaker with the coaches and other members so that you know who you are working out with. It's really a great system. I've met some awesome people at EVF.

    Cory B.

  • These are the kinds of guys who are totally into fitness and CrossFit and love to teach you all they know, but also like beer, baseball, Broadway shows and have real lives that require eating carbs. There is zero attitude and zero intimidation, which I see is a big concern for many who are trying out CrossFit gyms.