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The ability to breathe well and practice good posture has everything to do with your diaphragm. It’s the large, mushroom cap shaped muscle that attaches to your lower ribs and spine. You are able to breathe because this muscle contracts powerfully and smoothly, moving downward during inhalation. But what happens during distress or shallow breath? How do you think the function of your diaphragm is changed by all those hours spend slouching? An unfit diaphragm will be burdened with excessive tension. Further, rounded shoulders often cause uneven loading on the diaphragm which can lead to breathing dysfunction and poor fueling of the tissues. That’s the last thing you want to experience during a tough WOD. Better still, you might experience an improvement in mobility issues that have limited motion in your shoulders, back, hips, knees or ankles. The anatomy and action of the diaphragm directly affects everything above and below it. If it moves well and functions, YOU will move well and function. Here are 3 movements from Jill Miller creator of the Yoga Tune up and author of The Roll Model, an excellent guide to mobility and self-care, that will make an incredible impact on your training and everyday life. Just fill out this form to get the free PDF > > >
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