Success Stories


At EVF Performance, we believe you can do anything you set your mind to. With our guidance and support, you’ll face your fears and overcome all obstacles. We’re invested in your success and proud to be a part of your story!
  • Craig

    EVF Performance has given me top training. They understand what I’m capable of and balanced out my physique and improved my flexibility and strength. EVF has excellent equipment. Great positive supportive atmosphere

  • Gina

    Once I started at EVF I couldn’t stop. I’m not an ‘athlete’ but I have worked out consistently for years. When I came here I learned so much more about strength training. The EVF 360 work out is challenging but you’ll for sure be singing Broadway tunes afterwards!! The coaches are very helpful and make you feel comfortable being apart of their team along with the community. I met the founder Eric today who happened to be in class working out next to me, he was so engaging and lovely!
    I highly recommend coming here!!

  • Crystal

    Love the EVF workout! It’s always challenging, but always different. The class incorporates dumbbells, kettlebells, rowing machines, and bodyweight movements but is doable by all fitness levels. Young, old, pregnant, out-of-shape, runners and meatheads come together for these hour-long workouts led by very friendly coaches. Jamie and Garen inspire, critique and provide a lot of humor. These are the kinds of guys who are into fitness and love to teach you all they know.

    There is zero attitude and zero intimidation, which is a big concern for many who are new to CrossFit gyms. This gym is clean and the space is large. I definitely recommend incorporating a class into your regular fitness regime.

  • Cory B.

    Drop whatever preconceived notions you have about CrossFit and go to EVF Performance if you want to be in the best shape of your life. I ran Division 1 Track and Field in college and can honestly say that working out at this box is the only thing that’s come close to that training. All of the coaches here are great and really make you feel like you are part of a family. At the beginning of every class, you do an icebreaker with the coaches and other members so that you know who you are working out with. It’s really a great system. I’ve met some awesome people at EVF.

    As for the workouts, they are insane – in the very best way possible! You will leave every WOD drenched in sweat and feeling awesome! I’ve always been in shape because of my background in running, but I never had the core strength I obtained while I at EVF. In just three months, paired with a Paleo Diet, I looked and felt amazing.

  • Noah G.

    Best box in the city. Period. Here’s the difference between EVF and other gyms, CrossFit or otherwise: Most gyms let you lift. EVF lifts you. I’ve been with EVF since they opened and they are terrific. Having their community in my life has been a godsend. I feel better, my fitness has improved and I have fantastic people to share it all with.

    The coaches are amazing, supportive, helpful, and knowledgeable. The space is super convenient, right across from M86 bus York Ave. stop. From novice to gym rat, you are welcome at EVF. Whether your goal is to just get moving or get a personal record every week, EVF will help you with that. Come check it out. You’ll be hooked.


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