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2022 cycle 1

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Happy new year!

Our first cycle of 2022 will be running from 1/10/2022 to  3/20/2022 (10 weeks).

The first 6 weeks will be leading to the 2022 Crossfit open (more to follow on this), then a half week of deload before the start of the open (2/24). We will navigate the following 3 weeks depending on what the open workouts will be, trying to follow the structure described below.

What we describe here applies to both our EVF360 and Crossfit tracks at the overarching level. Some of the movements are only performed during our crossfit classes, but the patterns and structure will be found in both tracks. So if you are curious about what to expect in the coming weeks, read on.

In the prior cycle, we focused on strength across the main movement patterns (deadlift, squat, overhead), as well clean and jerks in Crossfit. Everyone pushed themselves hard and made some great gains, which led to many personal records (PRs) at the end of the cycle during the Crossfit total. You built on gymnastics pushing skills and improved your kipping with the toes-to-bar drills.

In the next cycle, we will pivot away from central nervous system overload and work on reducing imbalance and weaknesses. There will be more accessory strength exercises and you will unlikely see loads exceeding 80%. We are looking to capitalize on the gymnastics skills from prior cycles and progress towards high skill movements like the muscle ups. One day of the week will be dedicated to an open-style workout. 

For the first 6 weeks of this cycle, here is what you can expect:

  • Monday: General physical preparedness (GPP) + strength accessory – this is the day you may see some less common movements we do in the gym but which prepare you for some random stuff life can throw at you.
  • Tuesday: Barbell cycling skills for touch-and-go (TnG) reps – cleans, snatches, shoulder-to-overheads (S2OH) and complexes as part of both the strength portion and the conditioning. Use these pieces to establish some benchmarks for yourself on how to break out sets in a conditioning workout with various reps schemes and loads.
  • Wednesday: Gymnastics day. We will focus on some skills for the bar/ring muscle up, as well as equip you with progression to get your first _____ (fill in the blank with pullup, chest-to-bar, butterfly pullup/C2B….). The rest of the class will be centered around practicing active recovery to improve mobility, tissue health and flushing out waste from intense workouts.
  • Thursday: Open style WODs followed with bench press. Workouts will be designed with the intent to prepare you for the Crossfit open which starts on 2/24 (week 7). You will see some prior open wods as well as some new creative challenges. There will be 6 open prep WODs leading to the start of the open. Bench press on the menu for the second part of the class.
  • Friday: Grip strength and aerobic capacity. Plan to go grocery shopping another day… These days will challenge your grip and shoulders. We will aim to bring in some new drills on how to climb a rope, along with some weight carries, and weightlifting from the hang position. These will be coupled with aerobic capacity workouts, taking out the machines and jogging outside when the weather permits. 
  • Saturday: Your favorite partner WODs, with an emphasis on high skill movements to provide you with the opportunity to practice more challenging elements of fitness.
  • Sunday: Hips and core strength. We will bring back the banded deadlift, add some Jefferson deadlifts, Turkish getups (TGU)…

We hope you are just as excited as we are about the next couple of months. As always, please share your feedback with us so we can continue to fine tune our methodology to help you get stronger, fitter, healthier.

The EVF team