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Member Referral Program

For each member you introduce to EVF that signs up for a monthly membership, regardless of duration, you will receive a $50 gift card toward your membership.


Attendance and Membership Policies

For the benefit of the community as a whole, we must now enforce strict rules regarding class attendance policy. The following basic rules help us maintain an orderly and efficient schedule so that everyone can get the most of the time they spend in the box.


-Please reserve, in advance, all classes you wish to attend.


-Please do not reserve classes which you will not attend. There is a $15 penalty for reserving a class which you do not attend or canceling a reservation with less than 12 hours notice.



These windows allow other members ample notification to be added to each class from the wait list.


-Do not reserve more than WOD per day. You should almost never WOD twice in a normal day.


-If you plan to bring a friend to class, please ask us to reserve a spot for them. If you plan to bring a friend to a WOD, please make sure they have either attended an On-Ramp program or are experienced CrossFitters. They must also pay a Drop-In fee.


-We can freeze accounts for long vacations or injuries on a case by case basis. Please contact us with specific requests.


Paleo Challenge

On a lighter note, we will be wrapping up our Paleo Challenge on Wednesday and will award prizes on either Thursday or Friday of next week. We will probably have another EVF night out as well. Please hand in your log sheets at the office so we can award the winners! We will be recording benchmark WODs tomorrow and Wednesday. Make ups for the benchmark WODs can be made if you will miss WODs on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Skill of the Week

Double Unders. Keep an eye out for a blog post with great video tutorials. This is an essential CrossFit skill and requires a lot of practice to master. Get to work!


Thanksgiving Schedule

WODs at 8am, 9am, 10am on Thursday.

Please stay tuned for Friday’s schedule as we are still changing it. We will make a blog post when it is final. We are reducing our Drop-In fee to $25 for friends during the Holiday schedules, as well.

Schedule Updates and Additions

Stay tuned.




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