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Friday, Nov. 18 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Today we’re working out for two great causes. First, Run for Rob. We’ll start class today with 5 minutes of burpees. Contribute (or ask a friend or family member to contribute) something for every burpee you complete. Learn more here.

Today’s workout is brought to you by Project Purple. Their Push/Pull event is raising money to beat pancreatic cancer. Register and buy a shirt online.

Mobility: To prep for the snatch, thoracic extension and rotation is necessary. Kill two birds with this simple mobilization that can be done anywhere.

Warm up
Run for Rob:
5 minutes of burpees

Snatch grip deadlift
5×5, ascending

20 minute AMRAP:
11 pull ups
18 push ups
3 deadlifts @ bodyweight
200m run

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