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Friday WOD 5/24/2013

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Warm up

Mobility coaches Choice

2 sets of 5 w empty barbell




Barbell Thrusters


Work up to a heavy set of 2

Super set with 20 band pull-aparts



“Death by Thruster”

Ascending Thruster ladder 95/65 lbs

1st minute, 1 thruster

2nd minute,  2 thrusters

3rd minute,  3 thrusters

Keep going up in reps till you can’t finish the required reps for the minute. Meaning if the time expires and you havent finished the number of reps required you just died.


Death Penalties

1-5  40 Wall balls (20/14)  or a mile run

6-10  30 Wall Balls (20/14)  or a 1200 Meter run

10-14 20 Wall Balls (20/14) or an 800 Meter run

Check out Christmas Abbot as she goes through key points of the Thruster

Video with Christmas and picture of Rich in todays post. You are ALL welcome!

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