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Introducing Supple Leopard Saturday and EVF Strength!!!

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Hey Upper East Side Crew!


Starting in September we are starting two new class programs at EVF Performance/CrossFit Upper East Side; Supple Leopard Saturdays and EVF Strength!


Having trouble getting depth in the squat?  Back tight after Deadlifting?  Got a case of Pull-Up Elbow?  Just feel like playing with bands?  Come to Supple Leopard Saturdays to work on your mobility, your flexibility, and to just get on your way towards moving and feeling better!



“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.”

  • – Mark Rippetoe


I’m not sure if there’s a better endorsement for strength training that that of Mark Rippetoe’s well known witticism and if you agree, sign up for EVF Strength classes on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 8p, and Saturday’s at 12:00 p.  The basic barbell lifts – Squat, Press, Deadlift, and Bench – will be the staples of this strength routine and when you get better at these lifts, you’ll get better at everything.  Join the EVF Strength program for the love of lifting heavy things!





And for a more lighthearted look at strength training…



…(leopard pants not required)

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