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July 31, 2012 — CrossFit

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Workout of the Day


In teams of two, alternate to complete 5 sets each of:

Run 400M

3 Barbell Complexes*


*1 Barbell Complex consists of 1 rep each of Deadlift – Barbell Row – Power Clean – Front Squat – Push Press – Back Squat – Push Press


Dearest EVF’ers, when you see workouts with “x rounds each for time” or “x Rounds For Times” each round is meant to be recorded separately.  Use your rest period to write down your time for the round just completed and gather yourself mentally for the next round.  As far as pacing goes during these workouts, think of it as if you’re running 400m intervals or repeats – you should try to find a time that you can maintain across all of the sets.  The same goes for today when you’re alternating between partners.


Post loads and times to comments.

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