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Monday, Jan. 30 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Congrats to all our athletes who took on Brick’s partner competition this weekend. You guys rock!

Mobility: When our muscles are tight, squatting can become an absolute nightmare. Stretch out your hips, psoas and ankles.

Warm up
6 minutes:
10 air squats
10 alternating groiners
15 hollow rocks

Back squat

Performance: Build to a 5RM
Then, 5RM – 5% x 5
5RM – 10% x 5

Start at roughly 80-85% for your 5RM. We’ll look to increase weight 5# for the next three weeks.

Fitness: 3×5, across

10 minute AMRAP:
40 double unders
21 KBS (70/53)
12 toes to bar

10 minute AMRAP:
80 single unders
21 Russian KBS
12 hanging knee raises

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