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Monday, July 24 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Mobility: “If you’re not maintaining or improving your mobility in your joints while building up those muscles, your performance will suffer and put you at risk for injury.”

Warm up
2 rounds:
1 minute air squats
1 minute banded side steps
1 minute handstand hold

Part A
Back squat
Wendler, Week 3

Set 1: 75%x5
Set 2: 85%x3
Set 3: 95%x1+

Part B
2 sets:
16 weighted step ups
8 tempo ring rows (3351)

8-minute AMRAP:
10 single-arm DB overhead lunges (5/arm – 50/35)
10 handstand push ups
10 alternating DB snatch (50/35)