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New CrossFit cycle starts Monday

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Here we are again — new cycle! Let’s take a minute and revise those goals and make this the most productive cycle yet. Here’s what to expect from the coming weeks.

On Mondays we’ll be returning to just back squats. We’ll work toward testing a 1RM at the end of the cycle, as it’s been quite a while since we’ve tested a back squat max. Volume will be high to start and will decrease over the course of the cycle as the weights get heavier. If you don’t have a max back squat off which to work, you can take your 3RM from last cycle and add roughly 10%. If you don’t have any numbers, don’t worry. You’ll just look to increase the weight each week.

Tuesday will be our gymnastics and skill day. This time we’ll be focusing on handstand push ups, handstand walks, and double unders. For the first four weeks, you’ll be working these skills in 3-minute intervals and, as with last cycle, you will have specific levels from which to choose.

The levels are as follows:

Level 1:
10 or fewer unbroken double unders
0-4 full ROM hspu

Level 2:
20-40 unbroken double unders
4-8 full ROM hspu

Level 3:
50+ unbroken double unders
8+ full ROM hspu
10’+ HS walk

The levels are clearly defined so everyone will have an idea of where they should be working. If you’re in between levels, I advise going down a level. These handstand push ups are STRICT. No kipping in the skill work. Improvement in your strict movements will directly correlate with improvement in your kipping movements. We need to master the basics, move well, and then increase volume and intensity. As the cycle progresses, we’ll be adding these skills into conditioning workouts and working them while under fatigue.

On Wednesdays, we’ll clean and jerk. We worked toward mastery of the jerk last cycle, and now we’ll focus on combining the two lifts. We’ll start the cycle with some pulls and positional work, increasing weight each week as we make our way to completing the full lift from the floor. As always, just as in the conditioning, the weight suggestions are only guidelines and staying light to focus on technique is always an option and is encouraged!

Deadlifts are back on Fridays. We’ll progressively add weight and decrease reps as we work toward testing a max deadlift. Conditioning workouts on Fridays will be challenging! Look forward to heavy and/or high skill workouts.

Sundays will be focused on snatch work, but don’t worry if you can’t make it to class that day — we’ll be doing plenty of heavy snatching in conditioning workouts throughout the cycle.

Here’s to a great cycle and PRs all around. Good luck!