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New cycle kicks off July 10th

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It’s that time again, everyone — new cycle! Our new cycle will begin on Monday, July 10th, another 8 weeks to create new goals and get stronger and faster. We’re going to see some new things this time: days that are only conditioning, days without conditioning (the horror!), and a greater variety of strength and skill work. Goals for this cycle include (but are certainly not limited to) building leg strength, unilateral strength and stability, pulling strength, improving strict gymnastics, and continuing to improve our Olympic lifting technique and conditioning.

For this cycle (and going forward), everyone must have a logbook. I don’t care if it’s an actual notebook, on your phone, Sugarwod, whatever you have — as long as you are logging your workouts every day. You’re here to get faster and stronger, and how will you ever know if that’s happening without data to support it? Okay, on to the next cycle.

We’ll still be squatting on Mondays (of course) but with considerably lower volume than this past cycle with Wendler’s 5-3-1 program. We’ll also be doing some accessory work after squats. Expect a variety of rows, presses, and posterior and anterior leg work. Conditioning on Mondays will be simple, quick, and intense.

On Tuesdays we’ll be working on a variety of gymnastics movements, barbell movements, and conditioning. Depending on the week, there will be strength and/or skill work and conditioning or one longer conditioning piece. There will be days when you look at the workout on the blog and think, “That’s only 15 minutes of work. What’s the point?” Trust that it will be a worthwhile hour; we’ve never not given you a good workout, and that will not change. What you see on the blog is not all you’ll get. Show up and be ready to work!

We’ll be snatching, cleaning, and/or jerking on Wednesdays, depending on the week. You may not always see conditioning on this day. Get comfortable with that. In order to give the necessary attention to our lifting, we may not always have time for a metcon. Welcome to CrossFit. More is not better. Better is better. Sacrificing intensity for volume is unnecessary, dangerous, and can lead to overtraining.  

Fridays will be a mix of strength, skill, and conditioning. Deadlifts, overhead squats, handstand push ups, pull ups, presses — you won’t really know what to expect, but it will be varied, fun, and you will get stronger!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about programming, don’t hesitate to email me at