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Saturday 6/23/2013 June B-Day workout

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Happy Birthday to all our June babies!!

Emily Kerr

Jason Fliesher

Gabe Chapa

Ryan Ricci

Yasmin Hani

Bernard Wolf

Ari Anatasi

Chris Oehl

Jonathan Noble

This workout is dedicated to you all! Happy Bday rock stars! 🙂


Warm up

Musical balls to Prince on Pandora

Prince is a June baby!

Partner ski 200 meters at a time for 800 meters total

Hip mobility



Partner WOD

“birthday workday”


6  min AMRAP (June)

Max meters on the Ski erg

barbell hold at the hip (135lbs/95lbs)

Partner A ski’s

Partner B holds a barbell. Meters only count when barbell is off the ground.

Score total meters per team


Rest 3 mins


6min AMRAP (June)

13  Dead lifts per Partner ( year) (185/115lbs)

Plank hold

Partner A deadlifts

partner B holds plank

Alternate every 13 DL’s

Dead lifts only count when Partner is in full plank

Score total dead lifts per team


3min rest


6min AMRAP (June)

Barbell hold over head (95/65lbs)

13 ( year) Ab-mat sit ups

Partner A holds barbell over head

Partner B does 13 sit ups ups

Alternate every 13 sit ups

Sit ups only count while barbell is over head

Score total  sit ups per team

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