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Saturdays WOD 5/25/2013

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Warm up

Mobility Coaches choice

Barbell Clean prep

1 Set of

3 down and up shrugs from the hip

3 shrugs from the top of knee

3 shrugs from the mid shin

1 Set of

3 power cleans from the hip

3 Power cleans from the knee

3 Power cleans from the shin


Partner WOD

For time:

2K Row/ Plank hold

1 partner rows, 1 partner holds plank. Switch every 250 meters.

60 Hang Power Cleans (115/75lbs) / Flutter Kicks

1 Partner cleans the other flutter kicks. Switch every 10 Cleans

50 Seated partner med ball tosses with feet off the ground (20/14)



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