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Sunday, June 9th Crossfit Workout of the Day

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Did you know? We have EVF logbooks available for purchase at the gym! Logging results is vital for staying organized and tracking growth over the short and long term. Today’s workout is a Crossfit benchmark that you can re-test and use to track your improvement over time. You can also download our SugarWOD app to track your workouts, as well as see how you stack up against the rest of the community!

Warm Up

2 rounds:
10 kneeling banded face pulls
5/5 single-arm half-kneeling press
5 pass thrus
5 muscle snatches
5 behind neck snatch Sotts press


Snatch pull + hang snatch + snatch
5 x (1+2+1)

Work to heavy set of complex or stay light and work technique.


Open Workout 11.2

15 minute AMRAP
9 deadlifts (155/100)
12 hand release push ups
15 box jumps (24/20)