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Thursday, Feb. 16 Workout of the Day

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Mobility: If you’ve got creaky, gnarly knees, then perhaps you should be recovering the muscles to ease the pain! Some simple mobs here.

In 15 minutes, complete 4 rounds of:
20 single-arm dumbbell thrusters (10/arm)
16 single-arm dumbbell power clean & press (8/arm)
12 single-arm dumbbell snatch (6/arm)

1 minute rest

In 15 minutes, complete:
70 double unders/140 single unders
60 sit ups
50 goblet squats
40 KB sumo deadlift high pull
30 push ups
20 knees to elbows
10 wall walks

3 minutes rest

4 rounds:
30 seconds hollow rocks
30 seconds rest
30 seconds jumping lunges
30 seconds rest

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