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Thursday, Feb. 9 Workout of the Day

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Mobility: For all you standing desk warriors and/or folks who are on their feet all day – yes, standing is better for you than sitting all day, but how you stand is key to optimizing the benefits you’re getting from being on your feet. Have a look.

40 minutes to complete…

6 rounds of:
9 DB power cleans
9 DB shoulder to overhead
9 DB front squats

Rest 2 minutes

4 rounds of:
21 KB snatch
15 alternating single arm KBS
9 weighted step ups w/ KB

Rest 2 minutes

3 rounds of:
20 Russian twist w/ plate
20 overhead plate lunges
20 burpees to plate

Rest 2 minutes

2 rounds of:
500m row
400m ski
30 sit ups

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