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Thursday, Jan. 12 Workout of the Day

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Mobility: “The way we breathe has the power to impact every aspect of our health and wellness, from how we think and feel to how we move.” A lot of don’t realize how breathing affects our every day activities or our lifts, but how we breathe impacts all we do. This article focuses on the right and wrong way to breathe, as well as provides breathing exercises; consider this accessory work for every day life.

Part A

25 minutes to complete:

3 rounds of
18 box jumps/step ups
15 KB thrusters
12 ring rows

Rest 2 minutes

3 rounds of
18 plate ground to overhead
15 plank rows
12 push ups

Part B

12 minutes to complete:
100 burpees for time
*EMOM perform 10 sit ups

*Rest 3 minutes between part A and part B.

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