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Tuesday, Oct. 11 Workout of the Day

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Mobility: Keeping our focus on the downfalls of sitting, here’s a quick little article from Breaking Muscle with some tips if you find yourselves sitting for long periods of time. Even if you’re not sitting at a desk all day, we fall victim to sitting when we’re on the bus/subway/taxi, out to dinner, or on the couch.

3 rounds:
1 minute max cal row
3 minute AMRAP:
10 KBS
10 push ups

Rest 1 minute

1 minute max double/single unders
3 minute AMRAP:
10 DB thrusters
10 pull ups/ring rows

Rest 1 minute

1 minute max burpees
3 minute AMRAP:
10 weighted lunges
10 plate ground to overhead

Rest 1 minute

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