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Wednesday, June 12th Crossfit Workout of the Day

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Do you find yourself struggling with adjusting your hand position during the transition from your clean to your jerk? Here’s a quick tutorial from Coach Jenna on the best way to seamlessly connect the two movements.

Warm Up

2 rounds:
5 pass thrus
5 inchworms w/ push up
10 good mornings
5 tall muscle cleans w/ empty bar
5 front squats w/ empty bar
5 strict press w/ empty bar


Clean pull + clean + jerk
4 x (1+1+1)

Increase weight each set and try to end heavier than last week.


For time
15-12-9 reps of
Wall ball (20/14)
KBS (70/53)
Hang power clean (135/95)

Rest 1:30

12-9-6 reps of above

Rest :45

9-6-3 reps of above

Score is total time to complete the workout, including rest.