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Wednesday, Nov. 23 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Warm up
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Earn Your Turkey Day Feast Team WOD!

Tally up your scores at the end, we’ll keep track on the results board, and at the end of the day, the team with the highest score will win … bragging rights.

In teams of 3, accumulate as many points as possible in 35 minutes:
Team member 1 will complete a 750m row.
Team member 2 will complete any of the barbell movements.
Team member 3 will complete any of the gymnastics movements.
Rotate in this order for the remainder of the workout.

Barbell movements (95/65):
Snatch = 3 points per rep
Thruster = 2 points per rep
Clean = 1 point per rep

Gymnastics movements:
10 handstand push ups = 5 points
10 pull ups = 4 points
15 push ups = 3 points
15 KB swings = 2 points
20 air squats = 1 point

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