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Wednesday, October 9th Crossfit Workout of the Day

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Here’s a super easy and efficient squat mobility routine from Greg Everett. Try it today in your warm up or after your working sets.

1k row or run

2 rounds:
3 hang clean high pulls
3 hang muscle cleans
3 front squats (31X1 tempo)
3 tall cleans
3 power cleans
3 cleans


Every 3:00 for 10 rounds:
5 squat cleans
3 front squats
1 jerk

Increase weight each round. You pick the load. Score is heaviest weight lifted for an UNBROKEN* set.

*A short reset after each squat clean is allowed. However, after the fifth clean the bar may not be dropped. The fifth squat clean DOES NOT COUNT as the first front squat. 3 front squats must be performed AFTER the fifth squat clean.