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Wednesday, September 4th Crossfit Workout of the Day

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Ever heard a coach say “drive with the legs” and have no idea what it means or how to do it? This clip from Catalyst Athletics breaks down the correct timing for leg drive in the snatch and clean. Take the opportunity to practice it during today’s snatches.

Warm Up

2 rounds:
10 pass thrus
10 PVC overhead squats
10 snatch grip RDLs
5 jump squats

Barbell Warm Up

2 rounds:
3 tall muscle snatches
3 behind neck snatch grip press
3 drop snatches
3 muscle snatches
3 power snatches
3 snatches


90%, 4×1


Every 2:00 for 7 rounds:
50 double unders
5 front squats (205/135)