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Workout of the day – Friday August 18th 2023

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Warm up

3 rounds:

5 yoga pushups

5 double DB front raises (light)

10 empty barbell overhead squats

20 sec handstand / wall walk hold

Bench press and rotational core strength

Bench press: Every 3 min for 5 rounds: 3 reps at 84%

3 sets each side of 6 BB landmine rotations with press

Barbell cycling and conditioning

For time:

50/40 cal row

25 power snatches 115/80 lbs

50/40 cal row

Time cap: 13 min

Goal: <11 min


Part A

4 rounds, every 3:30 min for max reps:

16 DB bench presses 50/35 lbs

12 toes to bars

18 wall balls 20/14 lbs

max strict pull ups on the remaining time

— There is no rest between rounds

Scaling: you should have about 30 sec each round for pull ups. Scale the bench press so that you can keep them unbroken. Toes to bars should be done in 2 sets or less, regardless if you are scaling to knee raises. Wall balls should be mostly unbroken, 2 sets at most. Use a band for pullups if you cannot perform more than 3 strict pull-ups.

Part B

18 min to complete 4 rounds for quality:

20 KB Russian twists

100 ft. double DB overhead carry

8 per side KB Turkish situps AHAP12 bent over plate Y raises