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Workout of the day – Friday December 29th 2023

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Warm up

6 min to perform 2-3 rounds:

10 KB deadlifts

5/arm single arm KBS

5/arm single KB push presses

3/arm KB snatches


Part A – Muscle snatches + snatch drops: 3x(3+3)

Part B – For load and quality, build on weight throughout the 6 sets:

2 sets of 3 hang power snatches (above the knee)

2 sets of 3 low hang power snatches (below the knee)

2 sets of 3 power snatches

Barbell cycling & conditioning

4 rounds for time:

15 hang power cleans 115/75 lbs

12 burpees over the bar

9 thrusters 115/75 lbs

Time cap: 11 min

Note: this is a semi sprint. You should be able to complete each barbell movement in 2 sets or less.


Part A

3 rounds for quality and load (15 min cap)

150 ft. Double DBs overhead carry

10 alternating renegade rows

500m/400m row at your 2k pace

Part B

16 min alternating EMOM:

20 plate Russian twists

45 sec plank hold with forearms on foam roller

8/side single KB suitcase deadlifts

1 KB Turkish getup per side