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Workout of the day – Friday September 1st 2023

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Warm up

2 min cardio machine of choice, then, 2 rounds of:

6/6 archer ring row

2 wall walks

6 per side half kneeling bottom up KB presses

Bench press

18 min to work up to a heavy set of 3

Compare to July 14th

Barbell cycling and conditioning

Rogue Invitational – The Q WOD 4 – For time:


Strict Wall Facing HSPU

Snatch **

* Rounds of 10-9 at 135/95 lbs

* Rounds of 8-7 at 185/125 lbs

* Rounds of 6-5 at 205/135 lbs

* Rounds of 4-3 at 225/155 lbs

* Rounds of 2-1 at 245/165 lbs

Time cap: 18 min


Handstand pushups: whether you are scaling to regular HSPUs or variations of pushups, you must be able to complete each round in max 2 sets. Pick your scaled version appropriately. This WOD is not intended to practice tempo eccentric handstand pushups, you are expected to move quickly through the pushups.

Snatches: Any type of snatch is allowed, scale to 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% of your 1RM.


Part A

4 rounds for load:

8/arm single DB bench press

16 banded triceps pull downs

8/arm single DB bent over row

Part B

16 min AMRAP

2-4-6-8… alternating arm of (1 dumbell power snatch + 1 DB overhead squat)

4 inverted burpees

4 alternating single DB renegade rows 50/35 lbs

This is an ascending AMRAP on the DB complex. Do one DB snatch followed by a DB overhead squat before switching arms. Reps increase by 2 each round (1 per arm)

Scaling: Replace the inverted burpees with a (roll to squat + pushup), or a (V-up + superman + 2 shoulder taps).

For the DB complex, scale the overhead with a single arm DB thruster.