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Workout of the day – Monday December 26th

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Warm up

3 rounds:

10 no-push-up burpees

10 scap pushups / scap HSPU

10 banded face pulls

Shoulder press

16 min to work up to a heavy single shoulder press, then drop the weight to 90% of your max weight and perform 3 sets of max reps. Rest 2 min between each max set.


Every 4 min, for 4 rounds, each for time:

15 toes to bars

XX squat clean & jerks – see weight in notes

Round 1: 12 reps at 60%

Round 2: 9 reps at 70%

Round 3: 7 reps at 80%

Round 4: 3 reps at 90%

Note: you should be able to complete a set of 20 UB toes to bars to complete this workout Rx, otherwise, adjust down the reps to 10 toes to bars each round.


Part A

16 min to perform 4 rounds of the following:

50 ft. per side single DB overhead lunges lunges

12 DB floor wipers (hold DB over the head in lockout position, one hand on each bell)

5/side single DB sotts presses

30 bicycle crunches

Part B

5 rounds of 2:30min AMReps, 1 min rest between rounds:

12 box jumps over 24/20 in

12 burpees

Max double unders in remaining time

note: box jumps and burpees caped at 1’45” each round, leaving at least 45 sec of jump rope.