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Workout of the day – Monday November 13th 2023

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Warm up

3 rounds of:

5 burpees

10 KB goblet hold lunges

10 no pushup burpees (aka squat thrusts)

5 V-ups

Front squats

4×15 at ~60% of 1RM

Accessory: 3×20 double KB front rack march steps

Note: perform your accessory lift while “resting” between your main lift sets.


For time, 21-15-9 reps of:

Squat snatches 85/60 lbs

Deficit handstand pushups 4/2 in

Time cap: 13 min

Goal: <10 min

Scaling: handstand pushups should be done in 3 sets or less, choose a scaling option appropriately from standard kipping HSPUs, pike pushups on box/ground, deficit regular pushups, etc..

Snatches should be done in 4 sets or less each round.


Part A

4 rounds for load and quality:

16 double DB front squats

24 double KB front rack march steps

16 alternating plank DB pull throughs

Part B

For time, 15-10-5 reps of:

Dumbbell beastmakers 50/35 lbs (aka manmakers = 1 pushup on DBs + 1 DB renegade row right + 1 pushup on DBs + 1 DB renegade row left + 1 DB clusters)

**75 double unders after each round of beat makers, including the last one

Time cap: 16 min

Goal: <12 min, you should be able to get 3+ beast makers per minute.