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Workout of the day – Saturday October 23rd

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** Week 5 of our 9 week cycle, back to some fancy lifts and WODs **

Warm up

2 rounds:

5/side KB suitcase deadlift

5/side single arm KB swings

5/side single arm KB floor press

5/side single arm KB thrusters

Partner conditioning

“Linda Trio”

In teams of 3, perform, for time:

30-27-24-21-…-6-3 reps of:

Deadlift, 1.5x bodyweigh

Bench Press, 1x bodyweight

Clean, 0.75x bodyweight

** bodyweight of the lightest person


In teams of 2, for time:


Cal Row

Dumbbell floor presses 50/35 lbs



Double DBs push jerks 50/35 lbs

Toes-to-bar / V-ups



Double DBs squat cleans 50/35 lbs

Double DBs deadlifts 50/35 lbs

Split as desired between partners but follow the sequence

Time cap: 40 min

Olympic lifting

Snatch pull + hang power snatch + snatch 5x(2+1+1)

65%, 70%, 73%, 76%, 79%

Snatch high pulls from 12″ blocks

3×5 @ 80%

Snatch grip push press – 3×5, increasing