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Workout of the day – Sunday April 14th 2024

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Warm up

6 min AMRAP:

50 ft. broad jumps

5 per arm single KB overhead squats

10 KB sumo deadlift high pulls

Touch-n-go snatch

5×3 – 75-80%

Snatch high pulls

4×2 – 110%


16 min AMRAP:

2 wall walks

4 strict pull ups

8 snatches 105/70 lbs

Scaling: hands passing line on wall walks (see Crossfit open standards), banded strict pull ups or ring rows


Part A

16 min alternating EMOM:

10 alternating DB snatches

15 plate V-ups

15 plate ground to overheads

30 bicycle crunches

Part B

6 rounds, every 2 min, for max distance:

12 burpees box jumps 24/20 in

Max distance row

Note: there is no rest in this part, every 2 min, start with 12 burpees box jumps (NOT over) buy-in, then row for the remainder of the 2 min interval. Score is total accumulated distance across the 6 rounds.