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Workout of the day – Sunday December 12th

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Warm up

1 min at each station:



Jump rope (single or double unders)

Box step ups

Inch worms with push ups

Unilateral strength

4 rounds for load:

8/leg Bulgarian split squats (rest ~30sec between legs)

5/arm single KB sotts presses (rest ~30 sec between arms)

Time cap: 18 min

Barbell cycling

For time

10-9-8-…-2-1 squat snatches 115/75 lbs

1-2-3-…-9-10 clean and jerks 115/75 lbs

Time cap: 16 min


Part A

16 min alternating EMOM:

30 jumping lunges

10 feet elevated ring rows

30 alternating single leg V-ups

5/arm single KB sotts presses

Part B

For time

20-18-16-…-4-2 KB snatches 24/16 kg (switch arm anytime)

2-4-6-8-….-18-20 double DB clean and jerks 50/35 lbs

Time cap: 16 min